Here's what our customers are saying

“I am Realtor for 15 years now and have been working with George White for over 10 years. A buyer I was selling a home to brought George on an inspection, many years ago. George is YOUR inspector…NOT one that a Realtor recommends to have an inspection pass to seal a deal. This is how it is supposed to be and I being an honest Realtor am happy to say he has killed a few deals on homes that should not have been purchased. George is precise and takes you by the hand step by step through his process so that you 100% understand how your future home functions. He also explains any deficiencies so that you can make the best decsion on how you should deal with the situation. One of my favorite features that George offers is a list of recommended people who can do work on your home. Electricians, roofers, repair people….what ever you may neeed George has a list of proven professionals to offer. Once you use George he also extends to his customers the opportunity to call him with any questions for help and guidance when ever it is needed…today or years from now. George White…Is YOUR home inspector for life!”

   – Carolyn Cavallaro, Sales Associate Re/Max Villa Realtors, Jersey City, NJ

“I was completely satisfied with the home inspection done by George White. It was done in a very thorough and professional manner. We purchased a home that needed followup inspections and George White was instrumental in guiding us through the process and interpreting findings that helped us to make crucial decisions in the home purchase process. My husband and I would absolutely recommend George White for other home buyers.”

   – Michele and Rich Perez

“George is one of the best Home Inspectors I have worked with. He is very thorough and educates the buyer. He does not scare the buyer but will let them know if a problem can remedied. I highly recommend George.”

   – Jill Savva

“George assisted me when i first started looking for a new house. He literally saved me from getting into a sure hell, when we discovered in 2006 that the property I was interested had work done without any permits. Now in 2010, he helped me find my dream house and I fully trust his advice, expertise and as an added bonus, he has a great personality. Will recommend George to all my friends….”

   – Alberto Luna

“If I were purchasing a home tomorrow, George White would be my home inspector. I have been working with George since 2004 and I have seen him perform dozens of home inspections. He is knowledgeable, dependable, and thorough. George not only inspects the home for potential problems, but he also educates each buyer about the maintenance of each home. When you’re ready to purchase your new home, I highly suggest calling George.”

   – Martha Kolko, Realtor-Associate, Keller Willams Towne Square Realty

“George White is one of the best Home Inspectors in NJ. He he very thorough with his inspections, and he educates the buyers on all important details of maintaining a home. He offers clients availability to answer questions on their new home even after they have purchased it. I highly recommend George to all of my clients and other realtors.

   – Ceil Adkin

“I am a real estate attorney and as such have hired many home inspectors. By far George is the best. He shows up on time and does an extremely thorough job. He does not scare the buyers he reassures them, but tells them where there is a severe problem. More importantly he educates them on how the problem can be remedied or in the rare case he suggests they not go forward with the buy. I would recommend George to anyone. He helps make the purchase of a home a very pleasurable experience.”

   – Susan Federbusch

“George is simply the best!!! My clients have used George several times for their home inspection needs and have found him always to be on time, professional, detailed, and extremely knowledgeable about everything inside and outside a home. I will always use George for any home inspection needs!!! He is a wonderful resource to have as well. I would recommend him 1000 times over. He is simply the best!!!”

   – Jill Southren