Sample Report

We have put together this sample inspection report for you to review.

This is not an actual inspection.  Due to New Jersey license law, we are not able to share our client’s information with anyone except his or her legal representatives.  We do feel, however, that it is truly representative of our report.  If you have any questions please contact us.

The Contract

The contract must be printed, signed and dated the day prior to the inspection at the latest.


  1. You must fill in the top section (client(s) / Representative) and (Inspection Address).
  2. There are eleven short lines in the right column with X’s which require initials.
  3. There are two places for signatures, one place to print your name, and one place to date at the bottom of the contract.
  4. Fax the contract to 973 783 1931
  5. Bring the original with you to the inspection. We will complete the contract at the inspection.